Day 1 of ‘Summer School’

Overall, I think it was a great day.  Our first activity (cleaning) ran a little long, Supergirl finished her dresser and moved on to cleaning windows, mirrors, and wiping down sinks, Boomer struggled with his dresser only because he was a little grumpy, and I cleaned out my car AND trunk!!!  We then walked the dogs to the park.  Daddy-O called wanting to know what was for lunch and wanted to go out because he was working most of the day.  He actually came to pick us up at the park and we went out which I certainly will not complain about!!!  Home, naps, snack and homework.  Boomer actually took a pretty long nap which was nice.  Homework seemed to go pretty well and before we knew it it was time for gymnastics.  Then home to cook dinner and free time (watching America’s Got Talent).  We actually did not get to making a memory game, but Supergirl designated the day as “Make a Mask Day” so we did manage to fit that in.

The day actually did not feel ‘scheduled.’  I never felt rushed or as if I were ordering the kids around.  They were excited to do everything we did today.  It was honestly more like I had scheduled MYSELF to spend time with them.  The tv was only on before breakfast and after dinner.  I only checked my email while they napped.  We were busy doing things TOGETHER—which is always my intention and too seldom reality.

Boomer still struggled a little–he went to time-out a total of 3 times.  The second time I introduced him to this form:


We just discussed it the second time, but I told him from now on we will need to fill it out before he continues with his day.  He has really struggled lately with accepting ANY responsibility for his choices.  It is always someone else’s fault and he is constantly yelling at one or all of us.  The third time out we sat down and filled it out.  He likes it because it does allow him to say WHY he was angry in the first place and I like it because it lets us discuss exactly what he did that wasn’t ok (he actually needed help answering this one–he was thinking about his emotions more than his actions), why it wasn’t ok, and what he could have done instead.  I also like that it will show patterns of behavior (I am keeping the forms in my summer binder) such as the fact that the 2 timeouts we discussed today (along with the one we didn’t) were all due to his yelling at Supergirl instead of asking her to do something or stop doing something.  I feel like this will also be helpful when I talk to his OT about how things are going.  In fact, I am even writing the day and time on them to get even more info.

So in the end it was nice, the kids had a good day, I had a good day, the dogs were able to go on a nice long walk. 🙂


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