Random thoughts this week

This week I have been a little scattered.  All too often at home I have a tendency to lose focus and get a lot of absolutely nothing accomplished.

  • House projects

We recently purchased a new bed–which was a very big purchase for us and also very exciting.  It was a much nicer bed than our old one but is a queen as opposed to a king.  Which left us needing bedding.  So I bought a new bedspread and matching curtains.  Which got me very excited about painting our room—I actually have a color scheme picked out-which is a huge deal for me.  However, we just spent a lot of money on our bed, so no money for paint.  And if we paint we should really repair get rid of the popcorn ceiling that has been slowly falling off in the corner.  And if we do that we should also do it in our bathroom and paint our bathroom.  And if we are going to paint the bathroom we should really get rid of the stick tile that’s in there and get some real tile or at least a sheet of vinyl that looks a little better…  And I might as well paint the ugly vanity.  Which leaves me right where I started.  With a new bed.

I did try to get my head together and made lists.  Because that is what I do.  And I am really good at it 🙂  I made a list of the projects I would like to get done and put them in order of what makes the most sense (ceiling first).  Then I made new lists for each project that details each step along with a list of needed supplies and prices.  And an estimate of each specific project.  I now feel like I have a plan.

No money.  But a plan.

  • Eating

I have been a mess this week.  I can’t seem to focus enough to get a meal together.  We have eaten out an unprecedented number of times.  The week started out well enough with a trip to the farmer’s market for some local produce.  But half of it is still in the fridge.  Mostly because I never made it to the grocery store to get the rest of the list!  I have also somehow gotten into a bad habit of eating out and eating a LOT for lunch then feeding the kids something easy for dinner and not really eating myself because I am still full from lunch.  Not at all healthy—I know!  Don’t worry though, I also made a to-do list for general purposes and for ‘to-do next week’ I wrote “COOK.”

So all will be well…

  • Summer schedule

By now you may have guessed that this has also suffered a little this week.  However, it hasn’t been as bad as one might think.  We did go on the field trip, which was great, and our activity for the week (catching bugs and identifying them) was a decent success with a capture of the elusive leopard moth caterpillar (pictures later).  We completed SOME homework, made a special trip to the free movie and rollerskating.  The kids were pretty satisfied.  Oh, they also spent a few evenings at vacation bible school, which they loved.  I have noticed Supergirl creeping in extra time on the computer, along with us all not getting in as much cleaning time…  The house is clearly suffering.

Again, have a new list for that…

  • Parenting

The head of the school where our children attend has been focused on ‘grit’ all year and sending many articles in the newsletters.  I find the entire thing fascinating and am not sure where it leaves me.  I do think we are doing a decent job of teaching our children to be independent and responsible and are not constantly catering to their every whim.  However, I keep finding this closely linked to having too much and wondering how it all relates.  I do think we could do a lot to simplify our lives.  I want our children to value life instead of things, to understand and love the results of hard work, NOT to move back in after college because life is simply easier at home.  I want them to be adventurers and philanthropists and fearless.  Which then leads me to realize that so much of what we do is looking forward to college.  What can we do to help them get in, to help them have the ability to earn a scholarship so they don’t start their lives in debt…  Today, for the first time EVER, I thought, what if they chose NOT to go to college right after high school?  What if they wanted to experience the world first, go work in Africa, or Asia, or New York?  What if they chose not to go to college at all, but were still able to support themselves doing something they were passionate about?  How would I feel about that as a parent?  Quite honestly I am not sure…  I have always viewed college as an assumption, for both myself and my children.  But, if anything, I now see the world as a much bigger place.  How many of our best and brightest did not graduate college?  Or did not go at all?  But, then again, how many did?  And do our children have to be the ‘best and brightest’ to be successful?  No…

I am rambling…

I just realized—I didn’t make a list for parenting!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dawn
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 12:32:38

    It is amazing how one project/new purchase creates a litany of others to be done and then it feels impossible so nothing gets done.

    Regarding the parenting/independence–that is one of the reasons we chose the school our kids go to–it is one of their main tenets along with confidence and I see it in my kids (maybe a little too much). I have given a lot of thought to where my kids might go after high school–I think college is a certainty, but I feel very strongly in the “gap” year. I hope they want to go to Ethiopia and volunteer for a year or somewhere else. But I think this is important and such a great experience and teaches them a great deal about the world, themselves and their own values.


  2. Laura
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 20:36:45

    I need to apply more grit to everything. Ughhh. I’m nervous that we are all gritless on our end of the sac.
    However, we are smug about not eating out–so that’s something. Ha.


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