Big Time Rush

*I am trying to get caught up–so expect a few back-posts 🙂

We bought tickets to this concert way back in the spring when it was a Groupon 🙂  We originally planned for the four of us to go but that didn’t work out in the end.  Turns out Daddy-O had to work that day.  Then Boomer’s behavior in the weeks prior led us to decide he wasn’t going either.  This was actually a very tough parenting decision.  We wanted him to go.  We had actually mostly gotten the tickets because of his love for Big Time Rush, both the music and tv show.  I was pretty devastated he wasn’t going and there was definitely a part of me that wanted to just say forget it, let him go.  But I didn’t.  A consequence is a consequence and we try very hard to stay consistent.  After all, this was based on his choices, not ours.  I do truly hope that it had some sort of effect that will help him next time…  But, at five, who really knows.


Supergirl ended up inviting a friend and they had a good time.

Of course, the only time it rained all summer happened to be this night–it was a little scary for a while.

And REALLY wet for a bit-thankfully we had an extra blanket to hide under.

But it was a pretty good first concert for a 7-year-old.


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