I am still working on figuring out this morning routine.  First off I am struggling with dragging myself out of bed, but that has to change quickly since I start school next week.  Secondly I find myself really struggling with not checking my email immediately.  The moment I open the computer I do it almost automatically-maybe I should put a post-it note on here…  Here is my current plan (will most likely have to do some more tweaking next week when school starts): Wash face, make bed, get dressed, make some hot tea, write.  I am thinking writing can either be blogging or journaling (I also have a journal I keep for each kid).  This really only takes 5-10 minutes of my morning.  Surely I can find that time…  Then when I am finished I can do a quick check of email and finish preparing for the morning…

Yesterday as I checked my email I started hitting ‘unsubscribe’ to every email that I just automatically delete without reading–Babygap, Children’s Place, New York & Co, etc.  That will certainly simplify a part of my mornings!


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