Good news is I conquered my gmail.  Inbox is down to zero.  My action folder is a little too full (probably around 20), but I am saving some in there that will be deleted very soon—such as RSVP’s to Savannah’s party.

Other news is that I am struggling with our routine.  I can’t get anything down that works for more than a week.  I am trying to balance too much…

Have to do:

I go to work

Kids go to school

Michael works

Savannah’s homework (has been going well until this week—she procrastinated and now it’s catching up)

Need to do:

Soccer practice Thursday and Friday

Soccer games Saturday and Sunday

Dance Tuesdays and Thursdays

Want to do:

Run 3-4 days/week (not getting done–I have done the long run every weekend, but last week was the only week I managed to get 2 other runs in)

Clean a little every day (great last week, epic fail this week)

Move stuff out of basement so I can move our old bed down there (this one is driving me crazy)


Last week went really well, but this week has been filled with car repairs, birthday parties and pure exhaustion.  I can’t seem to get a handle on anything.  This is one of those weeks I am wishing we had a housekeeper, and dog-walker, and cook, and driver, and a day off of work.  I am determined to make next week better.  I am also determined to get one shelf moved from basement this weekend.  I need to accomplish something!!!


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