Fall is a bit crazy in our house. I feel like it takes about a month to get back in the swing of school and then soccer starts. Then as soon as we have a handle on that it is time for the holidays. Throw in 2 nights of dance per week and both kids’ birthdays and its time to lay down for a bit. So much of the time I feel I am simply getting through each day. Making sure lunches are packed and kids are awake and dressed, trying to stay caught up at work, picking the kids up, heading to dance or soccer, making dinner and cleaning up dinner, making sure homework is done and baths taken, then reading books and heading to bed. Then I stop. I try to remember if we really connected or just went through the steps. Some days we do better than others.
My kids are growing up too fast. We are constantly encouraging independence but there are days when I want them back. I miss the babies and the toddlers and now the preschoolers. Already it feels the elementary years are flying past.
I want to be able to do everything-but I have to prioritize. Rest matters more than dirty dishes, genuine conversations matter more than optional homework sheets. Love matters more than the schedule…


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  1. memyselfandkids
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 00:15:37

    I really here you on this.


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