And now it’s March

One post in February—not too bad, right?!?!  And now March is halfway over.  What the heck?  I guess time does go faster as you get older.  I find we are in a season of our lives where routine rules the day.  I am not complaining, as I am a huge fan of routine.  But I must remind myself daily to truly be in the moment.  I find that the more I am focused on the moment the fewer pictures I take.  Which I have decided I am ok with.  I want the memories to be associated with true feelings.  I want my kids to remember me laughing with them, not just documenting them.  I want no regrets…


We have been in this routine long enough that I am finding myself craving change.  However, I am trying to take a long hard look at that and figure it all out.  Without making any rash decisions…  I have been known to be impulsive and I think it is because I truly like change.  After so much of the same I desperately need some different.  Sometimes small things work—changing my hair color, starting a new exercise routine (which usually lasts only a few weeks—or days), buying a new outfit.  Sometimes I need more.  I find myself wanting to move, wanting a different career, just something new.  As I get older I am trying not to just go with my gut and do it, but to really think it through first.  Ok, SOMETIMES I do that.  Just a few weeks ago I died my hair red with all of about 5 minutes thought put into it.  But I was so happy I did!  Actually, most of my major life decisions were made very quickly-without much thought.  Just guts.  And they have all worked out amazingly.  Maybe I should stop thinking and start doing.  Maybe listening to my brain more than my heart would change the very essence of who I am.  I can say without a doubt my heart has not failed me yet.  Hmmmm….  Of course now my decisions affect more than just myself.  But, then again, maybe that’s all the more reason I shouldn’t waver from my course.  IMG_0369


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