Back seat conversations

Our kids have a 30 minute car ride to and from school every day. I wish it were much shorter. But then I may miss the chance to hear conversations like this:

(Somehow they had decided to play truth or dare. I have no idea where they learned this game-I like to blame slumber parties-isn’t that where we all learn?)

Boomer: Ok-truth or dare?

Savannah: Truth… But it CAN’T be something inappropriate!!!

Boomer: Ok… Is it true that you want to marry Johnny when you grow up and live happily together forever and ever?


Boomer: No it’s not!

Savannah: Yes it is-do a different one!

Boomer: OK!!!! Truth or dare?

Savannah: Dare. But it CAN’T be something dangerous!!!!!

One thing is clear from this conversation: my daughter and I clearly did not learn how to play truth or dare from the same people!!!!


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