Screen-free week

I first learned of screen-free week at church a few years ago. At the time I was way too scared to try it. No tv sounded like a great idea-but entertaining my kids ALL day sounded like a lot of work. I was lazy. And I guess it didn’t seem THAT important.

Fast forward to this year. Boomer was working on earning his 3DS back after losing it due to some fits, Savannah just had her iTouch confiscated for downloading Thriftshop after being told not to, and I was constantly dealing with arguing that occurred most often in front of the tv. Suddenly screen-free sounded a lot more inviting. So I ran the idea by Michael and he was in. Telling the kids went about as well as could be expected. Although I think my telling them it meant I would also be off my phone except for calls won them over a little. So Sunday night I unplugged the TVs and gathered electronics. I like to think we really watch little to no tv during the week and this weekend we wouldn’t be watching anyway due to dance competition-in other words we wouldn’t even notice the difference… But only time will tell.

Day 1:
Busy day at work followed by cooking a quick dinner followed by jiu jitsu. Came home to find Savannah and Michael hanging out outside. Spent some time on the porch swing with our retired neighbors-something we haven’t done in a while. The kids turned flips in their grass while I got caught up on their lives-new grandbaby should be here in a few weeks, food pantry has outgrown it’s space and will be moving, and talk of how fast my kids are growing… Followed by books and bed.


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