Calendars, ADHD, and my life…

Friday I attended an ADHD conference for work that was actually enjoyable. The speaker was very entertaining which always helps… He spent part of the day discussing interventions for adults with ADHD which mostly consisted of organization and time management strategies—ideas I think everyone can use.

He emphasized the importance of spending 10 (quiet) minutes every morning with your calendar. He added that a calendar is not just for keeping track of doctors appointments but should instead be for ensuring you are living the life you want to live.

I find myself repeatedly going back to that topic… I currently use my calendar for appointments only. Things I want to do are not usually on the calendar-they are more of a “when I have time” item. Which means they don’t usually get done. Working out, reading a book, going for a walk… Why do I not put those on the calendar? Why are they not priorities? At the end of the day what part of my day was the most meaningful? Probably not the stuff that made it to the calendar.

I am going to work on this… 2 days a week I will have something on the calendar that is not an appointment. Actually, I guess it is an appointment—with my life…


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