A good day…

Today was one of those days you want to somehow sear into your brain so you can hold onto it forever. In 20 years I want to be able to close my eyes and relive this day. To feel my kids holding my hand, hear their voices as they talk over each other, watch their faces as they check to see if I saw the awesomeness they just accomplished. Quite honestly nothing spectacular happened. It was just a normal summer day. Except it wasn’t. It was an extraordinary summer day. It was a day that started with my son coming downstairs and sitting with me to talk instead of rushing off to watch TV. It was a day that he ALMOST fell apart and was sent upstairs, but he pulled it together, and talked to me calmly about what upset him. It was a day that my kids disagreed on what we should do but came up with a compromise. It was a day we watched a free movie at the movie theater with lots of small children who couldn’t stop laughing. (The sound of 50 preschoolers laughing at Gargamel getting the crap beat out of him is incredibly uplifting.) It was a day that same little boy said he wasn’t going to eat lunch (“only 3 pieces of cantaloupe and NO more”) but then ate a plateful of salad, pepperoni and watermelon with no complaints. It was a day we went roller-skating as a family with only 4 other kids at the rink. It was a day I watched our daughter finish a dream catcher she made completely on her own that looks amazing. It was a an evening our son ALMOST fell apart a second time but pulled it together (a second time!!!) and talked to me and worked it out. It was an evening I read I’ll Love You Forever and watched that same little boy be completely drawn into the story and ask if I sneak into his room at night and tell me he is quite sure I do because he often wakes up curled up in a way that looks like I had been holding him. It was an evening I had a heart-to-heart talk with a 9-year-old girl about her life. It was a day I wouldn’t change for a million others.




*ps-this is how he went to sleep tonight-pretty sure he thought today was pretty awesome too



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