Pain from afar

Some friends of mine from high school suffered unimaginable loss this weekend when their son drown in the backyard pool. They have a daughter the same age as Savannah and their sweet little boy was 6-years-old (same as Boomer) and had down syndrome. They are incredibly kind, compassionate, loving people. They always have been. Losing a child is a pain that is incomprehensible by all-except those who have experienced it. This is the second family I know to lose a child this summer. I live 8 1/2 hours from my home town and find that I feel as though everyone’s heart should be broken today. It is hard sometimes to be this far from a hometown that is grieving together right now. I simply sit and feel helpless to do anything for their pain. Although that is exactly how I would probably be feeling even if I lived only 5 minutes away. What does one do with this long distance pain? Tonight I give my kids extra hugs and read bedtime stories extra long and stare at their faces for extra moments before turning out the lights. And I remember we are not invincible. Life is amazingly hard and hurtful and unimaginably cruel. I can’t change that. But I can do my best to take as many moments as I am given and fill them with as much love as can possibly fit.


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