It’s too darn easy to get distracted by the ridiculousness of life. Today I was focused on a meeting that ultimately was canceled, on entering data into excel, on worrying if Savannah will have time to finish her homework after dance. Days like this happen all the time and then they disappear forever. I forget to stop and feel. To just be. Tonight I had an hour and a half to myself and considered whether I should play on my phone or turn on the tv. Instead I grabbed the leashes and my tennis shoes and the dogs and I headed out. At first I was distracted by my dress pants dragging the wet ground but then I simply tucked them into my shoes, took a deep breath and looked around. It was beautiful! The trees are amazing, the air was amazing and I was once again completely filled with gratitude. I was content. There is a difference between happy and content and as I get older I find myself leaning much more into contentment. I like being happy, don’t get me wrong- it’s awesome. But content is so much deeper. It’s filling. I think the ultimate goal is to overflow with both-I hope some day I get there. But in the meantime it’s a pretty amazing path to travel.
Tonight I started my walk filled with shame-about many things. But as I walked and looked and breathed I slowly turned a corner. I arrived back at home with other thoughts of my day in my mind: the moment I hugged my son for no other reason than I could, when I let a girl braid my hair simply because it made her smile, when I spoke with a mother from a perspective of mutual respect and hopefulness. When I chose to do instead of hide.


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  1. Tom
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 20:12:40

    That’s so Zen…


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