Unplugging (baby step one)

“Mom, why did you get off Facebook and then get back on again?”


Reasons I unplugged from Facebook:

I spent way too much time with it.
I found myself thinking about each moment from a Facebook perspective—I need a picture to post, how can I turn this into a funny post, must share must share must share.
I found myself getting annoyed with people and beginning to not like them due to their political/religious/insert anything else here posts.
I spent time looking at posts by people I barely know while my own child was sitting next to me trying to tell me a story.
I couldn’t NOT check it throughout the day no matter how much I berated myself for it.

and I plugged back in because

It makes it much easier to stay in the loop of your activities.

And that’s really the only reason I could think of. And yet I am right back here with so many reasons to unplug and only one not to. Is there a way to compromise? I tell myself 10 times a day to stop looking at it but I don’t. Is it time to completely disconnect again?
For now I choose this as a starting point. Deleting the app. Accessibility is huge. Making it more than one tap away is at least something. Not sure it will be enough but it’s a start. I only have this day once!!!!


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