Twice a year is not bad…

I’m back. I find myself drawn to this space once every few months-but then I freeze before ever writing a word. I’m struggling with the privacy of all I want to say. And the blandness of what is left once I sort through it all. And yet, here I am. Mother of 3. Wife. Social worker. Daughter. Person. 
I am still soaking things in. I smell this baby on the regular because I simply can’t get enough. He reminds me to hold the other two a little tighter. I remind myself that today is the most important day. I try to say yes more, but fail often. I try to approach the monotonous tasks of housework with a perspective of gratitude. But fail there too. But not always. I try to look in their eyes instead of my phone. But sometimes I forget. And sometimes I’m just tired. But sometimes I’m not. And we laugh and love and connect.
I am still overwhelmed with the sense of time never stopping. It’s too fast. I want to hold on to this day for as long as possible:


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  1. legacyandlunacy
    Aug 15, 2017 @ 22:32:16

    Smart phones are like peanut butter.


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